Barbara Jukić

Barbara Jukić, dental assistant

Barbara joined us in 2017. What impressed us the most is her attitude that did not allow us to skip her when we were choosing our new dental assistant. You can say, she demanded to become a part of Dentorium team. As so it was. She brings an extraordinary amount of experience as a nurse, full dedication both to the patient and work, and openness to new knowledge she encounters in dentistry.

This is Barbara’s perspective of her experience with us:

“Most of my working life I have spent as a nurse, loving my job. In parallel I have graduated on Faculty of teacher education in Rijeka, Pre-school education. After which I finished school for dental assistant.

I wanted to explore and open new possibilities, which was my drive and gave me strength to endure challenges, both work and having a family.

When I saw Dentorium ad for dental assistant, and went through their web page, I knew that was it. I knew it was time for change, for Dentorium. After 15 years of working in hospital, transition was not easy.

New team and working place brought me, and are still bringing, professional growth and some kind of inner evolution.

This change is a surprise for me, refreshment, a thrill. It is sincere, awakens something inside, makes me feel light and happy, and brings a smile to the face.
That smile… “

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