Daniel Žgombić

Daniel Žgombić, dr. med. dent.

“Mind that sees the limit is the limit” has been the leading thought while making and developing Dentorium in Rijeka, under leadership of dr. Daniel.

Before all, Daniel is a visionary, inspired by aesthetics, seeing and expressing beauty in all details of life, thus in his work of dentistry, where he combines his second passion, photography.

Result of these two passions is a bountiful palette of photos, which document, and represent the work of Dentorium, making it transparent and available to all our patients and colleagues.

Born 1976. in Rijeka. With already acknowledged father stomatologist, dr. Antun Zgombic, Daniel has started meeting this wonderful profession from early age. He graduated from Medical University 2000. in Rijeka.

Continuous education, and being around the worldly renowned name of dentistry, dr. Stephan Clotten, have induced completely new approach to stomatology in the beginning of Daniel’s career, visible in his work.

Desire for knowledge and expertise have continuously fuelled further education around the world.

Love, passion and knowledge have profiled under the influence of dr. Mauro Fradeani, dr. Galip Gurel, dr. Florin Cofar and dr. Christian Coachman.

Dr. Zgombic is a member of

  • DSD Team – Digital Smile Design Team
  • AACD – American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • IBMN – Bone Management Network
  • GIDE – Global institute for education in stomatology
  • HSK – Croatian dental chamber
  • HDDI – Croatian society or dental implantology
inspired by the beauty of nature