Martina Perković

Martina Perković, administrative & creative department

Martina had been covering, for years, reception area and photography documentation in Dentorium. As we have grown, so has our Martina taken charge of administrative and creative department.

She is part of the team that always has solution, knows the way and how to make anything we need happen. Extremely creative with hands, does penmanship, which means what your you see hand written in Dentorium has been done by our Martina.

Her perspective and experience with us:

“For me, being a part of Dentorium team means to constantly aspire for new knowledge, and growing together with its needs and goals.

Organization and logistics. Papers and numbers. Project planning and development. Photography. Creative approach to everyday obstacles. And everything behind the scenes, so the workflow to every new smile goes smoothly.

This is what makes me a part of this exceptional team of professionals.“

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