Mia Miškulin - Miočić

Mia Miškulin - Miočić, dental assistent

Mia joined our team as a dental assistant in 2014.

After medical high school, direction of physiotherapist, Mia continues her education on University for physiotherapy in Rijeka, Croatia, where she received bachelor’s degree.

Through experience in Dentorium, to our great delight, she fell in love with her new profession, and completed a dental assistant school in Zagreb.

She is extremely thorough, focused and reliable team member, who makes work easier and enjoyable for each doctor and patient.

In 2017 Mia started education on Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka, as dental hygienist.

"My first love is physiotherapy, second dentistry. Quickly I felt that the change of direction was good choice, and I loved my new role.

Approach to work in Dentorium enables me to use understanding from both professions. And that’s excellent.

There is no status quo, the limits are pushed constantly, so the knowledge is being upgraded continusly, and I have the opportunity to meet new challenges, and grow both profesionally and personally. This feeling, that it is me who sets the bar, is really exciting.

Even though we are very seroius in work, in team there is relaxed, sincere and friendly atmosphere, and I think people feel that.

Creation of a new smile, what it means for a someone, and their life, this whole thing is always a new exeprinece for me, and I am happy and grateful I get to contribute and participate in this process."

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