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What to say, but all the best and sincerely hope that Dentorium will be around for a long, long time! My first consultation regarding Digital Smile Design, made “second opinion” irrelevant. Dr. Daniel and his team brought back enviable smile to my face, and heart. Rarely seen, simple yet extremely professional, fair and open approach, with mutual search for the optimal solutions. Firstly, of course, care for health, and aesthetics, with wonderful psychological approach. Thanks to Dentorium for the most beautiful smile, which is not coming off my face!


I went through countless number of dental studios, in Rijeka and Zagreb, and until I came to Dentorium, I was not happy. Complete dedication to the patient, kindness and pleasant atmosphere are irreplaceable. Also, wonderful ambient in which I felt comfortable and relaxed. I would not change Dentorium for anything in the world! Thanks to Dentorium team, not only from myself, but also from my mom, who finally has beautiful smile!


Care, gentleness and expertise are the three words I would use to describe Dentorium team under Daniel’s guidance. Together we take care that my smile is healthy, beautiful and natural, which is why I am very grateful. As a great advantage, I would point out attention and gentle approach to work, a detail of an extreme importance for the people with low tolerance to pain, while visiting a dentist. Keep up the good work!


All compliments to dr. Zgombic and his team who with their knowledge and effort can solve unsolvable. The studio itself is at the top level, and the moment I came in, I felt safe and relaxed. Every time in Dentorium, I would come out very happy with the work done. I think it is the number one studio in Rijeka and around.


On my first arrival to Dentorium, fear which for years influenced the condition of my teeth, was replaced with trust. If anyone had told me I would be going to the dentist smiling, I would have told them, they were crazy!!! Thank you for everything, professionalism, positive energy that’s felt the moment you come in, and mostly, kind team. My recommendation to everyone who decide to come to Dentorium, you have chosen the best without the doubt!

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