Tijana B. Cindrić

Tijana Brajković Cindrić, dr. med. dent.

Our story began from early days of Dentorium. Dr. Tijana came as apprentice 2008. and very quickly she recognized herself in approach to work.

We grew together personally and professionally, so today dr. Tijana stands next to dr. Daniel’s shoulder, and guides all conservative dentistry and endodontic treatments in Dentorium.

Patients say that she has very pleasant, gentle and calm hand, fully dedicated to the patient, and does the impossible, always with a smile on her face. And we think we have the best doctor in the world, true and reliable team member, and every day we are happy that she is with us.

Dr. Tijana is born 1984. in Rijeka, and she graduated on the Faculty of Dentistry in Rijeka, and continues an ongoing education.

What does she say about her experience with us:
"My first step into the world of dentistry could not have been better."

Guided by some crazy force of destiny, I came into right hands, at the right time. With Dentorium way of work and standards, there is no room for mediocre, word "OK" simply does not exist. There is only better, more challenging and more creative.

To have a team of people who supports and motivates you every single day, understands your every look without words, and dentistry which does not stop to grow, and literally changes people’s lives, in better of course. :)

To work without censorship, without a compromise with full dedication because I know and feel that is worth it. I feel happy.
What more can I wish for?”

inspired by the beauty of nature