Vanessa Pibernik

Vanessa Pibernik, reception

Vanessa joined Dentorium in 2017. For us it was an immediate organic blend. Apart from rich experience working with people, being systematic, communicative and dedicated is just part of valuable contribution she brings to the team.

We asked Vanessa to describe her own experience with us, so this is what she says:

“It is said; all change is good, even the bad one! But! When there is change, and it is a good one, well, it is a win win combination! This is how it happened for me. I felt it was time for change, and determination to make it was clearer and louder than the fear of unknown. Like everything else, “it happened” when I saw their job ad, I just knew this was it. And this is how it all started.

Following their FB page, I already knew they were relaxed and positive people, so I had no doubts about fitting in. It is just wonderful to do what you know and love, like in my case, working with people. In every person I see new challenge and possibility to learn or hear something new.

This is exactly where I recognize the strength of Dentorium, human factor and professionalism interweave, and as if by some natural process we all grow together.

From work aspect, even though I had previous experience in dentistry, entering Dentorium, I saw this was the case of “quite different” dentistry than the one I knew.

I met unquestionable professionalism and thoughtful approach to work, clearly defined protocols with focus on natural beauty of smile, which opens people to the better quality of life.

It is very cool to testify such worldly level of dentistry, and what it brings back to one’s self.

Teamwork contributes to the atmosphere and overall experience which is described by patients as relaxed. I liked their approach to people, whether patients or each other, leaving even in this aspect the feeling of “a team”, where all together enter the swirl of creation of the new smile.

Since my first visit to Dentorium, I wanted to work in this kind of team and in this kind of place. Is it a surprise then, that the title of my job application was: “I want to be a part of Dentorium team!!

So, be careful what you wish for, it will come true! :) “

inspired by the beauty of nature