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Dental photography - an essential part of Dentorium

Category: education

Dental photography is a tool of communication between dentist and patient, also between dentist, other specialists and technicians, which enables documentation of crucial work phases...

our patient Ana

Durability and guarantee of dental work

Category: education

Our world has changed when we changed our attitude towards what we do. To create and expose smiles is not the same as doing your teeth...

ribbond technique

Ribbond technique

Category: education

This technique enables us to return removed teeth in the same place and to satisfy aesthetic and functional needs...

dentorium studio reception

Magic of collaboration and fellowship

Category: inspiration

Still in love with what we do, maybe like “experienced football players” distribute our energy more wisely, and with it, discovering...

Natalija in the studio

There is no joy in mediocre dentistry

Category: inspiration

When I look back, I remember my childhood dreams. While all my friends wanted to be singers and actresses, I used to say...

aestethic reconstruction

Aesthetic reconstruction or filling

Category: education

Aesthetic reconstruction is in essence a process of copying the morphology and color of the tooth. For functional...


Education corner: you asked about endodontics

Category: education

Root canal treatment is required for nerve inflammation (acute), or when the nerve is already dead (chronic), and when is needed to clean...

vertical face dimension

Vertical dimension and freshness of a smile

Category: education

Lip drop is natural event, upper teeth are less visible, lower are more visible, and we need to respect that. But, teeth wear...

a perfect smile

Prevention for a healthy smile

Category: education

Quality dental examination and cleaning of the teeth may be your only encounters with the dentist. The importance of it...


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