our patient Sanja B.

Patients – Dentorium Studio: Sanja B.

Full functional – aesthetic rehabilitation

The case and work phases were planned with DSD – Digital Smile Design. (wax-up and mock-up video below shows trial of final work before starting the therapy).

The work phases were following:

Even though in new design itself there was no strong contrast from the previous state, the change made Sanja’s smile healthier and more bright, like she is.

Case by: dr. Daniel Zgombic, dr. Tijana Brajković – Cindrić

Dental technique: Dentalni Studio Goran i Borko

After a year research of dental offices, I chose Dentorium for my make-over. Dr. Zgombic is a simple and available person, who knows to listen, with simple way of answering all of your questions, dedicated to patient entirely, as if you are his only case, you feel important. Soon I felt trust, and 10 months after, here I am, shining. My teeth are healthy, joyful and beautiful, and my smile remains untouched, by time. For everyone that wish for a smile, not just teeth, I highly recommend Dentorium.

Sanja B.

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