DSD – “Digital Smile Design”

A smile that reconciles physical and spiritual beauty of a man; both harmony and spontaneity.

Digital Smile Design is a concept of treatment planning which uses visual communication for achieving exceptional aesthetic result; harmony in biology, function and aesthetics.

All our cases have been planned with DSD.

What does DSD mean for the patient?

After we have planned the new smile design, you can try, visualize and experience it. It is called mock up. (video below)

Immediatly after, we go through analyses of the plan treatment, afterwhich you have all the info and time to decide on further work.


  • This kind of visual approach educates you, and involves you in the tretament process with easy understanding.
  • Possibility of communication and consultation with the dentist, before final decision.
  • In this way, the simulation of the new smile can be analyzed and corrected before the start of the treatment.

What does DSD mean for us?

We have the perfectly accurate design and model, like a house project, ratio 1:1. Design has been tested and confirmed, after which it is used for treatment planning and determing work flow. We call it planned or guided therapy.


  • Diagnose of the problem and treatment plan are clearly and simply defined aligned with the final result
  • Patient communication is simplified allowing full insight and visualization of the future smile.
  • DSD enhances aesthetic analyses and interdisciplinary visual communication between dentist, lab technicians and patient.
  • Solutions in dental surgery, implantology and periodontology are based on the final design.. Given we work with human tissue, which is limited and valuable resource, predictable, reliable and precise diagnose with treatment plan are of essential value.

So how does it look like to try the new smile?

Video simmulation shows the >mock up. Before and after. To the patient, smile design becomes experience, to us, confirmation of the design and possible correction.

How does the DSD process go?

You will need two visits; first time when we do detailed check up, take all the photos, video, scans, x rays and impressions. In a few days we do mock up and analyses with treatment plan.

After the first visit, the case is planned digitally, and then the digital project is sent to lab technicians, who make wax-up. (model) Finished wax–up allows the specialist making of mock-up (negative of the model) which will be adapted into the patient’s mouth, using provisionary materials, easily removed. Duration of the whole procedure is half an hour.

Digital Smile Design fully relies on modern photographic, computer and video technology, which offers the specialist all needed information (images of an ideal smile, notes and further steps which can include orthodontic, microsurgical, prosthetic, and other treatments).

“With perfect accuracy, harmonious smile is created, which simultaneously fulfils functional, aesthetic and emotional needs of the patient, for a beautiful smile.”

Every smile design is unique, depends on the person, and is performed individually.

It is quick, it does not demand anesthesia and it does not hurt.

What did the leading names of stomatology say about DSD?

DSD concept allows us to visualize the treatment, to share it with all team members, above all to motivate our patients.

-Dr. Galip Gurel, Turkey, vice president of European academy of aesthetic dentistry (EAED)

DSD is a step towards future where we diagnose much more precisely aesthetics of the face and smile. Without a doubt, it is a significant contribution for dentists, technicians, and patients.

-Dr. Ronald Goldestein i dr. David Garber, leading opinion makers in aesthetic surgery, USA

Since I have been using DSD, my relationship towards patients has completely changed.

-Dr. Andrea Ricci, Italy
inspired by the beauty of nature