Endo or endodontic treatment of the root canal

Endo treatment or root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp of the tooth is damaged by bacteria infection from a deep caries or tooth trauma.

The full treatment requires three phases/visits:

  • cleaning, expanding and disinfecting of root canal, medicating
  • medicine removal and filling of the root canal
  • root fiber post and filling or, if the case demands it, preparation for the crown

Correct treatment allows further functioning of the tooth without any danger for oral or general health of the patient. Performed under local anaesthesia.

Immediately after the treatment, we do an RVG control of the treated canal.


In Dentorium all endodontic treatments are done with the microscope.

The full price depends on the number of root canals.

The price of one root canal treatment and root canal filling is 61€, adding to the price root fiber post and filling.

For more information, take a look at our complete pricelist.

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