Causes and consequences for “perio” treatment

perio treatment

Perio treatment is intended for recovery of bones and soft tissues in the area of dental parodont.

Reasons for treatment can be either biological and/or aesthetic nature.

Periodontal disease is the disease of periodontal tissues: chronic degenerative condition, which influences surrounding tissues around teeth, periodontal ligament, soft tissues, bones.

Recovery is mostly focused on removing the main reasons of disease appearance, long-term infection which results in growing number of bacteria in contact zone of teeth and soft tissues, leading to their full destruction.


  • Lack of oral hygiene, deficient immune system, inherited conditions, long-term stress, smoking, diabetes…
  • Direct and primary cause of disease formation is accumulation of dental plaque, full of bacteria developed in neglecting one’s oral hygiene.
  • Irregular and incorrect teeth cleaning is followed by accumulation of dental plaque, which hurts and destroys gingiva (dental meat) causing infection ( gingivitis, periodontitis).
  • Ignored lasting gum infection, caused by the activity of bacteria and their toxins, leads to weakening of the connective tissues which link the teeth to the bone.


  • lowering of gums and formation of periodontal pockets
  • weakening and destruction of connective tissues leads to dangling of teeth and their falling out

After the treatment, maintaining high quality of oral hygiene is of extreme importance and life lasting.

Perio-plastics is surgical discipline specialized for rehabilitation of soft tissues defects, correction of gingival lines, and also for pink aesthetic.

Micro-surgical procedure gingivoplasty and soft tissue graft use as their first work phase DSD – Digital Smile Design, in order to get precise smile design. Following procedure is based on received measurements.

Price goes from 271€. For more information, take a look at our complete pricelist.

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